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Train your customers to understand environmental impacts

Earthster is an easy, fast and accurate LCA tool that training companies can use to teach professionals in different industries, how to do LCA´s and understand the environmental impacts of their organization.

What does Earthster service include?

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Training material & comprehensive videos

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Earthster training & certificates for your trainers

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MATERIALS: Custom training videos and material for trainers to start teaching environmental impacts

TRAINING: Customized syllabus and individual Earthster training for your trainers

CERTIFICATE: Earthster training Certificate for your trainers

LOGO: Use of Earthster logo in your marketing and training materials

SUPPORT:  Individual and technical support by Earthster

Your customers will learn about their
environmental impact in 5 categories


Damage to
human health


Damage to
the ecosystem


Damage to 





Our environmental training package will enhance your training, and you can easily add it to your existing training courses. With the visual Earthster tool, your customers understand the environmental impacts graphically and interactively.

What does Earthster license include?

SOFTWARE LICENSES: Easy tool for calculating and visualizing footprints and Life Cycle Assessment

ACCESS TO DATABASES: Earthster software uses Ecoinvent & USEEIO databases (access to these through the Earthster software)


Founded by leading environmental scientists Dr. Gregory Norris and Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz, with digital innovator Antti Kosunen

Earthster for training companies is a new environmental science training concept. And it is an LCA tool that is being used in companies such as:

Meet the growing demand 

  1. Understanding environmental impacts is increasingly significant for professionals in any discipline; e.g., businesses must report their environmental impact continuously.

  2. To understand environmental impacts, the common practice is to do so through Life Cycle Assessment.

  3. You can take the environmental data into account in any decision the company makes. For example, you can do easy and quick product comparisons, and future scenario planning. 

  4. The data and the results are actionable; you can make decisions on the data because it's accurate enough.

  5. Earthster software does Life Cycle Assessment in an interactive, fun, and pedagogically effective manner.

Every professional, from engineering to product design and architecture to procurement and business management, will need to be conscious of their products’ environmental impact.

Your customers need to be educated on Life Cycle Assessment, and now is the time to build these capabilities!

Earthster, environmental science made playful
  1. Interactive: Earthster delivers visible results in real-time, so your customers immediately see the consequences of their decisions and actions.

  2. Incremental: Get answers that matter from the first minute, and make it perfect as you go; with Earthster, you can start with a rough model and detail only the parts that matter most.

  3. Insightful: “why” is a more powerful question than “how much”; with Earthster, you have full transparency on what is causing any environmental impact in your model.

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Earthster fits all training courses where environmental
impacts matter such as:

Business Management Training (Supply Chain Training, Project Management, Sustainability, Business & 
Climate Change, Product and industrial design…)


Earthster can be used for Teaching LCA & environmental impacts; as well as in your customers own projects,
research and work.


Ready to get all the details?
Drop us a message to get the conversation started

Some of the benefits from Earthster are:

  • Helps you to deliver world-class environmental impacts training

  • Engaging and visual software helps to make abstract and numerical environmental data understandable, concrete, and fun

  • Prepares your customers to use environmental insights in their jobs

  • Ready-made, high-quality teaching materials that make it easy to plan and set up training courses

  • One software usable in multiple training courses (management, business, environmental sciences, etc.)

  • Browser-based software with simple licensing, no need for installations or IT maintenance, and it’s usable onsite and remote

  • Suitable for a "bring-your-own-device" policy as it works on any browser and operating system

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Join us in our mission to make the global economy more sustainable!

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