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Bring the cost per LCA down to 10£/LCA

*based on customer case study, exact amount may vary
A conceptual image of Earthster and some processes

With Earthster's approach to scale you can have LCA results for all your products in the time it takes you to do one LCA in other software.

And all in a celebrated UX that helps users answer important questions, regardless of their background.

Tools for Scale

Template LCA

Many products follow a similar structure. Build the template once, and get LCAs for a whole portfolio.

Batch uploads

Scale templates by uploading lists of your products, and instantly get LCAs of all of them.

Reusable data

Make each decision once in your organization. Everything you do becomes part of your database.


Defining what can vary in each of your models, and let anybody in your organization play with them.


Integrate further into your systems to read or update your models: Earthster is your perfect building block.


Boost your productivity with Earthster

  • Scale through uploading supplier lists, product lists, or Bills of Materials
  • Versatility through parameter-based LCA, to do LCAs of whole product lines
  • Collaborative models that measure your procuct's whole life cycle (supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, usage, end of life, ...)
  • Access to reputed LCA databases and methods
  • Compare your products with industry benchmarks, each other, or even competitors
  • Faster third-party verification inside the app
A screen of Earthster's main screen, where you can build models of the life cycle of your products


“With Earthster I felt right away that as a non-LCA expert I could use this tool. It is very attractive, modern, and user-friendly from the beginning.”

Matthew Smyth
Stora Enso

"In comparison with other LCA software [Earthster] is very intuitive, fast and visual.”

Edgar Aneas
CapGemini Engineering

"[Earthster's design] facilitates a holistic perspective allowing for more thorough understanding of the environmental impacts associated with the product throughout its entire life cycle."

Karam Moussa


Can I automate LCAs with Earthster?
What standards do you comply with?
What background data do you include?
Do I need a separate Ecoinvent license?
Can you use other data?
Can I model logistics / product use / supply chains?
What impact categories do you include?
Can I run scenarios and simulations in Earthster?
Do you have a trial version?

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