How do investors measure investees' environmental impacts?

Often investors talk about climate change in the context of risk management. That is important, yet we lose sight of what really matters when not looking for the total environmental impacts of our invested money.

Luckily this is changing rapidly, and I’m very happy to see parties like, who are focusing on the environment from all perspectives; how the environmental changes affect the investees as well as how investees impact the environment. Good things are happening and now we want to learn more and that’s why we are asking investors environmental impact measurements, the whys, and hows.

Follow the link to the Questionnaire here:

Due to the fact users get several layers of data; spend data (input-output), process data (from Ecoinvent) and compatible data from their suppliers manufacturing companies love the idea. The latest version of comprehensive impact assessments of their products is always available. Then they can refine, in calculations and in product design, only what matters the most in greenhouse gas emissions, human health, natural resources, water and biodiversity.

The use of the service is free. At the moment our data is equally good to the best ones being used today, but with Earthster it can be done 10 times more efficiently. Major corporations will end up paying for the service, but all who contribute to our open data project will be able to use the service free of charge.

Our product has been designed for product (physical, service, digital) companies. But having a background of a professional investor for years, I see this as a great tool for getting the data from investees for reporting, while helping them design more environmental products.

Now we have the data that investors want, or at least should want. We have designed the product for manufacturing companies, with the side effect that it’s a perfect source of data for investor reporting.

It is important that the public sector is taking an active role in regulating investors from an environmental perspective. I have been studying e.g. the latest EU regulations on sustainable finance. And I fail to understand all of it. We clearly need to have this discussion with the regulators as well. And we will invite them to this discussion. We need to have a system that gives investors enough space, yet guaranteeing enough security, and of course, making the environment the winner in this exercise. This research will be partly the basis for the discussions with regulators.

We would be delighted if you were to send this link to any investor in your network.

Please use 10 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. We’ll send the results to everyone who has participated. We will also arrange a webinar to present the results.

Please give nature those 10 minutes, and let’s keep the earth alive.