Everything we do in Earthster focuses on giving you an amazing experience to do your LCAs and make greener decisions. This is the very first blog of the How to use Earthster series.

What are releases?

A release in Earthster is a snapshot of your cycle and they help you keep track of the evolution of your cycle throughout time. You can consider a release an "official" version of your cycle. When there is a new release everybody using your cycle will know that there are updates to the data.

Every cycle that doesn't have a release appears in the system as a DRAFT. In order to share your data, you have to issue a release first. Any new release will be an official update to your cycle. For example, when your supplier updates their cycle and issues a new release, you'll get a notification to update your cycle with the latest release data.

A release is also needed when you want to download your cycle's data as a csv or json file.

Note: Issuing a release does not change your cycle's sharing settings.

How to issue a release?

  1. Open your cycle
  2. Click the link issue a release in the left bottom corner of your cycle
  3. Add notes about your current release
  4. Click the button issue release
Earthster cycle view menu

How to view your releases?

  1. Click the left side mini menu click the releases icon
  2. Click the name of your release to view its information
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the name or the notes

Watch the short video to learn how to save and review releases