Solving the need to make large amounts of iterations and LCA calculations

Stora Enso Circular Solutions produces biocomposite materials and provides circular products and services to its customers. Stora Enso is constantly in a state of development; thus they required an LCA tool that could keep up.

Stora Enso customers demand sustainability information about their products and services. So they need to understand their sustainability impacts throughout the development process. For this reason, Stora Enso needs to make a tremendous amount of iterations of LCA calculations. And they struggled to find a solution that served this need in terms of both, agility and accuracy/accountability.

Think of environmental impacts before investing money

In their search to tackle this challenge, Stora Enso came across Earthster. An agile and accurate LCA tool; with which they can very quickly and easily assess the impacts of different materials and products in different scenarios.

With Earthster I felt right away that as a non-LCA expert I could use this tool. It is very attractive, modern, and user-friendly from the beginning.
Matthew Smyth, Director of Circular Services at Stora Enso

The outcome of using Earthster is that Matthew and his team are now able to use their results together with their internal development units and customers. By doing so, they create and deliver better products to their customers.