Why should you care to demonstrate ecological commitment and authenticity?

They are more likely to work with companies that demonstrate ecological mission and authenticity. Gen Z does not accept any other company, but the green ones. High salary does not change this. Companies have to become green and show it or the Gen Z will not work for them.

Daniel Goleman is more known for his Emotional intelligence - book selling millions, but he is also author of e.g. Ecological intelligence book (https://www.danielgoleman.info/books/ecological-intelligence/).

Think of environmental impacts before investing money

Now he writes about surveys on how Gen Z and millennials see environmental issues on purchase and job decisions.

In his article on https://www.kornferry.com/insights/articles/listen-up-the-kids-have-spoken he uses Earthster as an example of novel innovation for ecological foot-printing.

Dr. Daniel Goleman writes

Earthster is able to track sustainability, including water consumption, toxicity, and ecosystem impact, among others, throughout a product’s entire supply chain. This cradle-to-grave comparative data includes extraction of materials, manufacturing, transportation and distribution, product use, and end-of-life disposal, so executives can experiment with variations.
For instance, they can look at how transporting by boat rather than plane might improve a product’s environmental impacts—and then share that shift with customers. Even more, companies can compare their products with industry averages and incorporate those figures into their marketing.

The core message on his article is that knowing and showing products’ environmental impacts will be a key factor on market share as well as attracting talent. And doing the right thing.

Thank you Daniel Goleman for the brilliant article.