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Nature thanks you a trillion times!

Updated: Jan 3

Earthster has been used for designing greener products, doing what’ifs on product and strategy decisions.

The combined revenue of Earthster using companies is over €! I’m so thankful that we have been able to provide insights for companies becoming greener with connected data.

Think of environmental impacts before investing money

The impact maximizes when companies connect LCA data, and use it for business planning, not only reporting looking back, but creating a greener future. That is what we do, with all our time, skills and contacts. We collaborate with the business and environmental consultants to help companies in moving in the direction that all business decisions will take environmental impacts into account.

Earthster has been used for designing greener products, doing what’ifs on product and strategy decisions. Our customers have requested LCA data from their suppliers. They have created scenarios for alternative product variations with customers. Earthster's visual, iterative approach has made students in several universities in different countries and companies understand environmental impacts better. We have further developed the Earthster with feedback from 140 Harvard students. Companies have used Eartster for all kinds of business decision-making. Understanding environmental impacts is part of normal business for all smart companies and according to customer feedback we have exceeded their expectations. The best companies are becoming more profitable and greener at the same time. So a very good third year of Earthster.

2022 has been a very good year, thanks to the Earthster team, partners and customers. We have a product that is clearly the best one for connecting LCA and doing scenarios. We have 1000 users. This is a very good start. And we’ll promise never to be satisfied and continue developing our product and our operations in collaboration with you.

Thank you all for your collaboration and trust in us and doing your part for nature. Thank you all for the year 2022.

Green greetings and happy new year 2023,


CEO, Earthster

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