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Founded by leading environmental scientists Gregory Norris and Daniel Collado-Ruiz, with digital innovator Antti Kosunen

Connecting the supply chain data for comprehensive LCA for easy business scenarios

Someday all business decisions will take environmental issues into account. We work hard with the aim that every company knows products’ environmental impacts as well as they know financial impacts today. 

That is the reason why Earthster exists.


Dr. Daniel Collado Ruiz

Professor at UPV,
Chief Product Officer

While teaching at UPV, I have used all major LCA tools, and often recommended people not to use them. They were just too time-consuming and difficult to use! There was a disconnect between business, data understanding and environmental science.

I have always dreamt of accessible ways to get answer to environmental questions. The best answer with the available data, throughout the supply chain. Now we have created such tool, connecting computers and business decision-makers.

My inner green nerd has found its mental home. I'm bringing together my research in ecoinnovation, my experience in product development, and my entrepreneurship. We make environmental data science accessible to everybody.


Dr. Greg

Teaching LCA at Harvard
Researching LCA at MIT,
Chief Science Officer

While teaching and researching LCA and helping organizations use environmental data in decision making, I’ve experienced the pressing need to scale the use of environmental information by making LCA radically more accessible and practical. 


We are now witnessing professionals at companies, and students at universities all doing LCAs much faster with deeper comprehension and insight. Their leap in capability brings us great excitement and hope for the future – starting today!


For me, the most powerful dream has been that humanity comes to see and know itself as a healing force on the planet. I’m grateful to be collaboratively bringing an additional resource to the table, hoping to help make this dream a reality



Digital  Innovator,
Chief Executive Officer

I have been CEO of a stock listed company leading a world class organization in creating corporate metrics methods and systems and then running accelerators for the world's biggest banks and tech giants.


Then I realized that I care more about the environment than the companies. But having such a background, the best way to save nature is to build scalable business providing environmental insights for companies. 


My vision is that some day every business professional knows their products' environmental impacts equally well as we know financial impacts today.

We are a team of scientists, business and technology experts creating the best UX for assessing companies’ environmental impacts and bringing data to support greener strategies and products. 


Our growing user base includes global and local brands in all continents. 


Our passion is “Data for Action for Earth.” Together with our community we will help companies thrive by leading this journey.

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