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Comprehensive LCA projects

We are looking for consulting partners who can: 


manage large projects connecting LCA data from the whole supply chain


help companies in understanding their products environmental impacts

Every professional, 
from engineering to product design and architecture to supply chain management, business management to top executives,
needs to know their products’ environmental impact.

Your customers will know their
environmental impact in 5 categories


Damage to
human health


Damage to
the ecosystem


Damage to 





With the visual Earthster tool, your customers will understand
the environmental impacts graphically and interactively.

Earthster, environmental science made playful

Earthster delivers visible results in real-time, so your customers immediately see the consequences of their decisions and actions.​

Get answers that matter from the first minute, and make it perfect as you go. Wwith Earthster, you can start with a rough model and detail only the parts that matter most to your customer.


“why” is a more powerful question than “how much”.
With Earthster, you have full transparency on what is causing any environmental impact in your customer's model.

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Earthster multilayer approach to LCA.png
Our 3 layer approach on LCA

Layer 1- Industry Average Data

Start from the big picture to understand your own industry and which are the biggest areas of emissions, in order to focus on the most important. (instead of wasting a lot of time mapping everything without knowing the relevance)

Layer 2 – Supplier Data & Results

Fills the gaps between the larger data sets to make the LCA assessment more specific. Collect data directly from your suppliers into Earthster.

Layer 3 – Company Data
This is the most granular layer, where you use the particular data about your own organizational process. Ad your suppliers LCA in Earthster to enrich your own LCA for specific services or product manufacturing/production processes.

Precise for reporting, insightful scenario planning

Earthster platform expands your customer base

You can lead your customer from on-off  LCA-projects to continuous "Living LCA" operations. 

Connecting the supply chain data connects you with your customers' suppliers who also need environmental consulting. 



Join us
in our mission to make the global
economy more

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